Implement AI
in your
textile sorting process

Enabling decision makers to develop highly-scalable vision AI for the entire value chain.
Transform the traditional process with more customization, automation and increased efficiency.

Sorting beyond weight?

Our idea emerged from the challenge of sourcing on-demand quality second-hand textiles. At ValueSort, we enable sorters to identify high-value items with AI visual recognition. By utilizing our solution, we enable sorters to surpass traditional methods that focus on weight, allowing textile sorters to capitalize on the second-hand textile market's growth.

How it works: A solution integrated in your sorting facility.

We transform existing sorting facilities into high tech sorting facilities, from incoming goods until preparation for resale.

Camera and Sensors

Advanced sensors and cameras

Track product quantity and quality with our advanced sensors.

AI Algorithm

AI algorithm

We transform your sorting requirements into automated decisions.

Sorting and Demand

Sorting on demand

We integrate AI into your sorting process, whether this is manual or (semi-)automatic.


Sort more. Sort better.

Flexible staffing

Eliminating human grading processes gives employers more flexibility in hiring untrained workers. Makes work less cognitively demanding.

New opportunities

Connect directly to customers, sell more than just kilograms of textiles.

Sorting on demand

Adding and removing grading criteria and new categories, in moment. Allowing sorting based on direct demand from customers.